'Washington Heights' Finale Poll: Which Kid Are You Rooting For The Most?


After tonight's season finale, "Washington Heights" is a whole different landscape than when the series first began. The crew that started off as a close-knit unit has left the comfort of rooftop parties and split off into separate parts. Jimmy's already in Florida for baseball, Ludwin's halfway to Boston to get into the Hub's art scene and Reyna is ready to rent an apartment of her own, potentially off the Heights' grid. A lot can change in a few short months, and as the curtain closed on these nine New Yorkers, each had something promising to look forward to.

First, after many a rejection, JP finally earned a spot on the East Coast leg of a tour, cementing himself as a verifiable music artist, while aspiring fashion designer Fred got hold of a golden ticket to the next FIT class (maybe he and Eliza can collaborate?). Fred's brother, Rico, got his stuff together and landed a paying acting gig, but success was nothing new for Frankie, whose poetry career only continues to balloon with each heartfelt performance. As for sweet-as-sugar Taylor, a longtime relationship looks like it has the potential of a longtime love affair. Nothing but upward and onward for these guys!

+ With so much ahead of them, tell us which cast member you're rooting for the most, and, of course, wish them good luck!

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