Here's A Pic Of Tyler Posey In His Bathrobe Petting A Donkey


Actions speak louder than words, and this curious photo of Tyler Posey -- clad in full-length, velour bathrobe -- petting a donkey is SCREAMING like Greek sirens being attacked by pirates. What it's trying to tell us? Sorry, we have absolutely no insight. Alls we're told from our production spy is that the pic was taken on a "Teen Wolf" set in the middle of the California desert, and that Tyler's new sidekick is a big ol' jackass. Hear that, Dylan O'Brien? Your Beacon Hills buddy is cheating on you! (What did you think would happen after taking the "New Girl" to prom?)

+ Why do you guys think there are donkeys on set? Share your theories in the comments!

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Photo credit: Anonymous