'The Show With Vinny' Will Premiere May 2 On MTV, Followed By 'Zach Stone'


Dorothy clicked her heels in hopes of making her way back home to Kansas, but once "The Show with Vinny" premieres later this spring, she and her red heels can only hope to land in the comforts of the Guadagnino household. Vinny Guadagnino's new MTV talk show FINALLY has a premiere date, so mark your calendars, friends: Thursday, May 2 is D-Day, and we expect you to be couch-bound for every minute starting at 10/9c!

With folks like Ke$ha and Lil Wayne as confirmed guests, we can only imagine the laughs they'll bring once they start mingling with Mrs. G and Uncle Nino. But if your funny bone's still vibrating by 10:30, stay tuned for new MTV comedy "Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous," which premieres right after and stars Bo Burnham as a high school-grad who forgoes college in favor of trying to become an overnight celebrity. Zach might have no discernible talents, but he'll be damned if he's not viral by the weekend.

+ Excited for Vin's show? Watch the trailer again, tell us which celeb guests you're hoping to see and stay tuned for more info!

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