Nikki Glaser Likens A-Lister Jessica Alba To A Hobo [Video]


Jessica Alba is a Hollywood staple, but if you take a little look into her past, you'll see things haven't always been so glamorous for the A-lister. The actress has included some childhood photos in her new book, "The Honest Life," and when she pulled up a shot that included a toothless smile on last night's "Nikki & Sara LIVE," Nikki Glaser didn't waste a breath taking the mom of two down a few pegs.

"You looked like an old panhandler when you were eight," she says in the interview below. Hey: We were all thinking it...

Also in the video, Nik and partner-in-crime Sara Schaefer talk about Jessica's favorite DIY projects, and while Jess has some family-friendly ideas for craft projects, Nikki's and Sara's takes on real-life Home Ec are a little bit less traditional. For example, Jessica loves to use baking soda to mix into an all-natural cleaner. As for Sara:

"You put it in small baggies and you hide it in your grandma's dresser, and then you call the cops and tell them that your grandma's dealing drugs."

That's one way to spice up Thanksgiving!

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