Dylan O'Brien Will Make Moves On The 'New Girl'


Stiles of "Teen Wolf" is quickly growing into an established Beacon Hills High School upperclassman, but that doesn't mean the actor behind the character can't have eyes for the "New Girl." MTV fan favorite Dylan O'Brien has been cast for an upcoming role on the FOX show, according to TV Guide, and will play the man who politely agrees to swipe Jess' V-card at prom. It's like a fairy tale!

In "Virgins," the episode that will air on April 30, "New Girl" viewers will learn the history behind how each of the main characters first became sexual beings, and in the case of Zooey Deschanel's character, it involves trying to get in the pants of one particularly romantic guitar player (O'Brien's character, naturally) on prom night. Jess is desperate to make things happen, but will it all pan out in her favor? It hardly ever does, but wouldn't it be great to FINALLY see Stiles get the girl?

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