Sorry, Ladies: 'Challenge' Vet Rachel Robinson Is Now A Married Woman! [Photos]


Rachel and her new wife, Veronica, tie the knot.

A high school's heart-breaker is the last person you expect to make a lifelong matrimonial commitment, but its "Challenge" equivalent, ass-kicker and Don Juan(ita) Rachel Robinson, has gone ahead and done just that. The girl with biceps big enough to knock out Tyson is officially MARRIED, and the MTV vet shared a few choice photos of the happy day on Twitter. Unmitigated glee! We imagine not even her "Duel 2" champion pay-day earned such pearly whites.

"It's official! Born in NYC & married in NYC - thank you for recognizing #equality," Rachel tweeted yesterday after she and the love of her life said "I do." While her new wife, Veronica, donned a traditional dress, Rachel -- true to form -- opted for something a bit more unique. Her white bustier and slick black pants seem like the perfect ensemble for dancing the night away, and you just know she closed the placed down.

Congrats, Rachel! How about swinging by our Times Square office to say hello before ditching town?


Rachel and Veronica celebrate the big day with their proud mothers.

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Photos courtesy of @Rachel_Fitness