Meet Hardworking, Sex-Crazed Averey From 'Real World: Portland' [Video]


It's always fun when a "Real World" newbie thinks a calm move-in day is a sign of even-keeled things to come. Averey, a lovable Arizona gal, will soon discover that once the boxes are unpacked and the rooms are picked, harmony is near-impossible. The forecast in Portland? Drama, drama, drama -- so she better buck up and make sure her little pup, Daisy, has a fallout shelter.

In the interview below, housemate (and hook-up buddy, apparently) Johnny gives us the skinny on his cohabitant, whom he says is extremely warm and hardworking. She's even generous enough to take Johnny to a sex shop for the first time! (See, people: You won't get this type of rich experience living on your own.) "I think people should be warned that Johnny and I like to have sex a lot," Averey adds, cementing herself as this season's wild child. Or one of 'em, at least.

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Photo: Ian Spanier