JWOWW Recalls Roger's 'Extreme' Proposal, From Terrifying Start To Anti-Climactic Finish [Video]


Jenni Farley would have been perfectly content for her marriage proposal to take place at a nice restaurant -- or in a pink limo on the way to a nice restaurant -- but as we saw on tonight's "Snooki & JWOWW," her boyfriend, Roger, wasn't aiming for a romantic run-of-the-mill engagement. No, Roger wanted his woman to remember the big moment forever -- like, into the after life -- and to ensure the fine print (i.e. "Once you say yes, there's no turning back...MWAH HA HA HA") would be permanently etched on her psyche, he practically forced Jenni, who's ridiculously afraid of heights, to jump out of a plane. Luckily, the guy had a handsome reward waiting for her when she touched down on dry land.

"I can't even explain to you when I saw the ring for the first time, I literally was dumbfounded," she tells Nicole in our latest "Tea Time with Snooki & JWOWW" online after show. When Nicole asks whether her best friend was relieved that Roger didn't skimp on the diamond, Jenni shares that it actually wasn't the ring she wanted: It was better. "It was more than I ever asked for. I was literally like, 'That can't be real.'" But it was very real -- as real as the debt Roger will be paying off till he starts collecting social security.


While part one of Roger's plan went off without a hitch, his post-skydiving setup back at the house, which included formal doggy attire, an Addams Family-worthy assortment of candles, tighty whities and a deformed chocolate arrow melting on his torso, ended for him in true "Snooki & JWOWW" fashion: without sex. But don't feel bad for Rog, this time it was all his fault. While his DTF fiancé was soaking in the tub, revving herself up for a hot night of bow-chicka-jwoww by watching, er, cartoons, he was drifting off to sleep.

"I got 'Family Guy' on my iPad...I was like all into it, I had my vibrator charging," Jenni shares with Snooks in the video below. "I'm texting him, like, 'Roger, the water's ready, let's go.' Twenty minutes go by, 30 minutes...now I'm on Episode 2 of 'Family Guy.' I get up, and I'm screaming, and then I open the door and he's knocked out."

Here's hoping Roger gets a good old-fashioned shtup on his wedding night.

Check out the after show to hear more about Roger's epic proposal, as well as Snooki's story of her own engagement to Jionni.

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