Jo's Blindsided By Kail Taking Him Back To Court [Bonus Scene]


Kailyn and Jo have argued over custody of Isaac umpteen-and-one times on "Teen Mom 2," but their latest battle seems more serious than ever before. In this bonus scene from last night's episode, Jo expresses concern to his girlfriend, Vee, that though he's been through the judicial ringer before, this time feels different.

"She doesn't want to talk to me about anything, she doesn't want to work anything out with me face-to-face," Jo complains to Vee. "She just wants to go to the courtroom and let them decide."

Though most of the issues from Jo and Kail's physical altercation have blown over, the exes both still give each other the cold shoulder in an effort to prevent any future fighting. Despite the fact that it's worked thus far, Jo is shocked to be back in court defending his custody rights again, so soon. "That's not fair," Vee says. Maybe not, but it's also not fair for Jo to think he can shirk his daddy responsibilities now that he lives in Jersey...

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