Fact: Women Can Be Just As 'Ridiculous' As Men [Sneak Peek]


Gone are the days of stereotypical femininity (applause) so when the topic of women comes up on "Ridiculousness," you know it's gonna include a rowdy bunch of She-Ras. Rob Dyrdek and his crew sort through a reel of the world's most ruthless females in this sneak peek of the next episode, and, featuring more than one devastating crotch-punch, the collection is proof that sporting pink no longer indicates daintiness.

"If you're gonna be a female UFC fighter, you've gotta be kind of a d***," Rob says before diving right into the thick of tough-chick madness. If you thought men got down and dirty, you ain't seen nothin' yet -- there's more below-the-belt hits than we ever dreamed possible! Oh, and the upside-down fart-in-your-roommate's face? That's one we've never seen before. Well crafted, ladies. And gentlemen: Take note.

+ Check out the clip, and tune in to an all-new "Ridiculousness" Thursday night at 10/9c!

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