Mac Miller And Vince Staples Rewrite Diddy's History On 'Most Dope' [Bonus Scene]


Let's be honest: "Never Have I Ever" has run its course, so next time you're bumming around with friends and bored out of your skull, take a note from Mac Miller and Vince Staples, and strike up a rousing game of "I Heard Diddy," demonstrated clearly in the Mac Miller And The Most Dope Family" bonus scene below. It involves -- as you might be able to infer -- just spouting off fictitious facts about the hip-hop mogul until you're blue in the face, but pair the game with Cheetos and some glow sticks and you've got yourself a party!

In the clip below, the two rappers twist the truth about Diddy's alleged (i.e. false) accolades, which are uber-outlandish, but incredibly hilarious. "I heard Diddy was friends with Walt Disney," Mac starts out. "I heard he wrote 'The Princess And The Frog'," Vince continues. From playing professional basketball for the '92 Lakers to giving Obama a haircut, Diddy's got quite the impressive list of achievements, according to these two. And hey, they might all be true, considering Diddy wrote this very article himself. Okayyyy, he didn't, but see how that works?!

+ Dish your "I Heard Diddy" jokes in the comments and watch what other myths the "Most Dope" boys come up with in the video.

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