Nikki & Sara's Next 'LIVE' Guests: Jessica Alba. Emma Stone. Ryan Reynolds. Seriously.


Jessica Alba on the red carpet of Diesel + Edun's launch party in Paris.


We can’t hold it in any longer! Tomorrow’s "Nikki & Sara LIVE" is going to be SO INCREDIBLY HUGE.

First we’ll welcome Jessica Alba to the studio. We’ve been fans of hers since the "Dark Angel" days, when she played a genetically enhanced female super soldier, which, if you break it down, sounds almost autobiographical. Let’s review her versatility:

Actress: She does romance, comedy, action, plus that scene in "Sin City," where she’s dancing -- wearing next to nothing -- on a bar with a lasso. (HELLO!!! Confidence! We couldn’t even do that wearing head-to-toe bodysuits.)

Entrepreneur: She founded The Honest Company, delivering her very own natural and environmentally friendly product line straight to your door.

Author: Her new lifestyle book, "The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You," comes out March 12th.

Family Woman: As a mom of two, she balances career, car-pooling and looking hot at all times. Even the family paparazzi pics are flattering!

So, there you have it. Jessica Alba actually IS a genetically enhanced female super soldier. It’s the only way to explain how she keeps up all of this. And, as if having Jessica Alba on the show tomorrow night isn’t enough star power, watch for special appearances by Emma Stone AND Ryan Reynolds. Yes, we’re serious.

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Photo: KCS Presse/Splash News