'World Of Jenks' Poll: With A Clean Bill Of Health, Where Should Kaylin Go Next?


A long day at work or school is enough to do most of us in, but superhuman Kaylin of "World Of Jenks" is proving weekly that nothing short of the apocalypse will derail her plan to move to New York City. On tonight's episode, the two-time cancer survivor learned during a routine scan that she was cancer-free, and even though there's still a chance the nasty disease can pop up again, Kaylin decided her prognosis was enough to throw caution to the wind and pack up her stuff -- after a celebratory day at a carnival with new pal Andrew Jenks, that is.

When a previous test returned possible cancerous masses building in her lungs, Kaylin was terrified during her follow-up appointment. "There's a great amount of anxiety that comes from getting CT scans and waiting for your test results," she told Jenks in the moments before getting the good news. "What happens if cancer comes back? Can I handle it? Those are all incredibly hard thoughts to go through on a fairly frequent basis." Thankfully, she wouldn't have to consider it any further, but is a move to NYC jumping the gun?

+ Without health insurance or a support system in New York, is it too soon for the aspiring fashion designer to become an East Coaster, especially when she's not completely out of the woods? Take our poll, share your thoughts in the comments and head over to MTV ACT for deleted scenes!

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