Bygones! Kristin Cavallari Wears A Dress From Lauren Conrad's Fashion Line [Photo]


K-Cav looking positively radiant in a Paper Crown dress.

Kristin Cavallari and Lauren Conrad may have been bitter rivals back on "Laguna Beach," but their beef was sooooo high school. (Stephen Colletti, who?) Sure, maybe they never became BFFs after they both moved to La-La Land, but K-Cav gave LC the ultimate compliment recently by wearing a dress designed by her former arch nemesis during a cover shoot with the Chicago Sun-Times Splash. She looked damn fine doing it, too.

Both Lauren and Kristin's eye for style has always been impeccable, and so it makes sense (sort of) that eventually they'd be sharing looks. The new mom donned a beautiful Paper Crown frock for the magazine spread, but added her own personal touch with a pair of Chinese Laundry heels she designed herself. The items play off each other so nicely...would it be too bold to suggest a collaborative brand? (*sound of pigs flying*)

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Photo: Anthony Tahlier/Chicago Sun-Times Splash