'Teen Mom 2' Poll: Was Jo's Move To Jersey A Mistake?


When Kailyn was contemplating a move across country to Texas, her son's father, Jo, was not too pleased with the idea. But now, Jo's made a move of his own to New Jersey, which -- while way closer to Pennsylvania than Texas -- is still far enough to throw a wrench into the former couple's custody agreement.

When Jo assured Kail on tonight's "Teen Mom 2" that moving over an hour away would not affect his visitation schedule with Isaac, she gave him the benefit of the doubt, and told him that as long as he was on time for drop-offs, she would deal. But the distance proved too much for Jo, and he missed his first weekend with Isaac in favor of partying with friends at his new home. Kailyn was understandably pissed, and vowed to get the custody agreement shifted in her favor; however, the frustrated young mother was unsuccessful in her attempt.

+ Kail's convinced Jo's new address will affect Isaac negatively, but do you agree? Take the poll and sound off!

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