Ludwin Debates Leaving 'Washington Heights' For The Boston Art Scene [Sneak Peek]


There's no arguing that everyone in the "Washington Heights" crew will stop at nothing to help progress their respective careers. They're willing to give up a lot to follow their dreams, and sometimes that means leaving the place you love and call home. In this sneak peek of the next episode, Ludwin considers taking a page out of Jimmy's playbook and leaving the "Heights" for a stint in Boston, where he's got an art connection.

After tasting success for the first time at his art show, Ludwin realizes that if he plays his cards right, he can actually make something of himself -- but not necessarily in New York City. "There's just mad distractions here," Ludwin tells Fred of his frustration with the city. "I was thinking I could go to Boston...and then Harry could give me a tour of the school," he continues. Knowing someone already enrolled in art school could help Ludwin get his foot in the gallery door. "You should take advantage of that!" Fred encourages. But there's one small problem. "I just wonder how I'm gonna tell Frank," Ludwin admits, worrying how his best friend will take the news. Nobody ever said achieving your goals would be a cake walk...

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