Can You Top The Best Of Last Week's 'Ridiculousness' Live-Tweets?


Last week, you got to be a part of "Ridiculousness" in a way that wouldn't have Steelo rewinding your embarrassing antics -- through Twitter! And for the first time, your tweets were featured onscreen -- live! -- as Rob Dyrdek and the red couch crew laughed and groaned their way through the most cringe-worthy stuff the web has to offer. Now, the Internet's a big place, and because we couldn't highlight all the gems (trust us, there were a lot), we're calling out five of our favorite tweets from last week's episode. Check 'em out to see if yours made the list!

The warning you don't see: "Ridiculousness" may cause visceral reactions.

@RoseDimaruo#Ridiculousness making my stomach hurt with all the throw up!

Fun for the whole family!

@Beard_12: My dad is cracking tf up at #ridiculousness right now!!

MTV fam pride.

@CJKoegelMTV: To my #MTVFamily #Ridiculousness is hilarious right now! #Lovethisshow #SteveO

Truer words never tweeted.

@tzims@ridiculousness is the only show that NOBODY wants to be on but everyone wants to watch #Truuu #Ridiculousness

This is precisely why the show exists.

@JamellFleming: Some of the stuff people do is just#Ridiculousness

Because you guys were so perceptive the first time around, we decided to give y'all another shot. Tonight, starting at 9/8c, you'll get your chance to virtually join the gang (again) with your witty wisdom. Just like last week, use the hashtag #ridiculousness to comment on the craziest, zaniest, grossest antics along with Chanel, Steelo and Rob. Make us laugh hard enough and you could see your words right there up on the screen. Now go forth and tweet, the clip reels can't make fun of themselves.

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