'Ridiculousness' Proves There's Such A Thing As Too Drunk [Video]


Though there was no official celeb guest on last night's "Ridiculousness," a three-man crew was more than enough to captain the ship. Between unfortunate parting gifts and forays into Russia, the clip reels featured stunts-gone-wrong from all over, and if there's one connective thread that weaves its way through all cultures, it's the art of getting hammered.

We certainly saw our fair share of lushes during Episode 4. In "Sideways," Rob, Steelo and Chanel dissected the moments just before folks who are three sheets to the wind take their inevitable tumbles. Sometimes it happens in the mall, other times, in the street, but no matter where a gentleman with whiskey breath eats s**t, it's always fun to watch. "This is a battle of good and evil," Steelo said of one man, who was wobbling back and forth while trying to get...well, we're not quite sure where he was going. "Good's trying to take him home, evil's trying to take him back to the bar." Ultimately, as expected, neither won, and the guy could only manage to lean against a brick wall, against which he'll probably stay perched for a while.

Check out the clip!

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