'Nitro Circus Live' Breaks Yet Another Guinness World Record [Video]


The FMX riders smashing the world record.

FACT: "Nitro Circus Live" has the most bad-ass pros in the extreme sports biz. If Jed Mildon's recent death-defying stunt wasn't enough proof, we've got a new bit of info that'll have you totally convinced. The "Nitro" crew just demolished another Guinness World Record for most simultaneous backflips, with 16 total riders completing the stunt. Boo-yah!

Prior to the headline-making event in London, FMX pro Nick Franklin spoke of the risks involved. "A backflip is dangerous," he says in the video below. "But that's our sport and we do them a lot."

Completing such a sick trick in tandem is a major accomplishment for these guys, and earning another entry into the Guinness Book of World Records puts the cherry on top. "You get [the book] when you're younger, and you're looking for it at Christmas, and it's pretty cool to be part of it," Chris Brock says. But how many jalapenos can you eat in 60 seconds, Chris?


 A copy of the certificate. Congrats, y'all!

Check out the record-breaking action below, and don't miss a "Nitro Circus Live" marathon starting at 6/5c today on MTV2!


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Photos: @NitroCircus