Molly Tarlov To Play The Opposite Of Sadie Saxton In New Film [Video]


JoJo and Molly Tarlov play rivals in G.B.F.

Ashley Rickards no longer stands alone as the resident "Awkward" indie movie queenMolly Tarlov spent last year working on an independent film, "G.B.F." ("Gay Best Friend"), which was just green lit for its world premiere at the TriBeCa Film Festival. Way to go, Molls!

Much like "Awkward," the film chronicles typical high-school rivalries and antics, but Molly's role as sweet, loyal Sophie is a far, far cry from Palos Hills High's queen bee, Sadie Saxton. Sophie is the best friend of the movie's main character, Tanner, but their bond is threatened when the school's mean girl (played by singer JoJo) tries to make Tanner the popular clique's token gay BFF -- apparently, an extremely coveted accessory for the kids these days.

As much as we love to watch Molly terrorize her fellow teens as Sadie, it'll be interesting to see the actress spread her wings and play the underdog. The universe really has a way of balancing itself out...

+ Check out the behind-the-scenes look at Molly's new movie, and let us know what you think of her finally playing one of the good guys.

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Photo: The official G.B.F. Facebook

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