Little Lorenzo's Jaundice Throws JWOWW For A Loop [Video]


Babies are full of surprises -- just ask Snooki, who's still adjusting to cleaning infant sh** out of her clothes and hair. But one condition that many newborns encounter, jaundice, is more than JWOWW can wrap her head around in the "Snooki & JWOWW" bonus scene below.

"You don't bring him in the sun, do you?" Jenni inquires about little Lorenzo's case of the yellows. "We were outside for five minutes just to give him some sunlight. He was jaundiced," Jionni answers, explaining Enzo's need for light therapy. JWOWW suddenly looks as if she's heard a joke with an unclear punchline, then slowly realizes Jionni isn't kidding. "He was yellow?" she tries to clarify. Can't spray tan fix the problem?

Maybe Jenni doesn't have a future in pediatrics, but she'll always be the cool aunt who can down bear balls.

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