'Washington Heights' Poll: Should JP Rethink His Music Career?


Of course we advocate fighting for your dreams, but when you get knocked down over and over again, should you cut your losses and move on? During tonight's "Washington Heights," JP continued his exclusive diet of humble pie when a tour featuring up-and-coming artists rejected his bid, and after a few lukewarm concerts over the last few episodes, the rain cloud hovering overhead began to morph into a thunderstorm. When it came to Audubon's fate, it seemed like his only options were fight or flight.

At the beginning of JP's hip-hop career, his mother was outspokenly skeptical, and urged her son to get a more solid job to help pay the bills. JP assured her he could make money without conforming, and at first, it seemed like he was right. A few early gigs paid well and looked like they could really lead to something greater. However, lately things have plateaued, and JP has yet to nail down a contract with a single record exec.

+ What do you think -- is it smart for JP to continue on the music path when it's not panning out and there are still bills to pay?

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