Kailyn Lowry Hits Up New York City To Find Her Perfect Wedding Dress


Kailyn Lowry models an all-paper wedding dress in Essere Magazine.

Kailyn Lowry's been lawfully wedded to airman Javi Marroquin since September, but the "Teen Mom 2" castie and her hubby have yet to celebrate their union with a fairy tale reception. We're certain the main event is getting closer, though, as Kail's Twitter has recently been abuzz with girly excitement. Yesterday she tweeted, "March 5th marks Javi & I being married for 6 months! & I'm going to Kleinfeld's to try on wedding dresses for our big wedding!" (The young mother quickly shot down rumors that her trip to the NYC bridal boutique involved an appearance on another unscripted series. "Not going on #SYTTD!" she posted, referring to TLC hit "Say Yes to the Dress," which famously films at Kleinfeld's.)

Kail got plenty of shopping support from her main squeeze, who tweeted, "I love you to infinity and beyond @KailLowry go find your dream dress!" But much to our chagrin, the object of Javi's undying affection neglected to take Instagram selfies of herself in outrageous bridal couture. Guess if homegirl can rock the paper wedding gown above, there's no doubt she'll kill it in the real thing!

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Photo courtesy of Kailyn Lowry's Instagram.