Let's All Hope The Third Time's A Charm For 'numbNuts'' Horse [Video]


Horse is determined to become America's Ninja Warrior.

Although he's already won Break's 2012 Man of The Year for gracefully surviving numerous ball injuries, the king of all "numbNuts" nutshots apparently has something more to prove. Recently, Horse auditioned for NBC's "American Ninja Warrior 5" in hopes of being crowned the ultimate athlete, but given his track record, the guy's gonna need some luck (and a steel cup) on his side.

Horse has already done this dance twice over. "I made the stupidest fail ever," he says in the clip of his first appearance on the show, and admits to hurling chunks so bad he could barely compete the second time around. But the pro stuntman isn't cutting himself any slack for his failures, yelling into the camera, "I was hurt. Big deal! That's not an excuse!"

Though the daredevil is back with a vengeance and ready to show how much his training has paid off, we're still not quite sure what his balance beam backflip has to do with winning. Then again, it wouldn't be a true Horse appearance without a severe dose of crotch pain.

+ Do you think Horse has what it takes to complete the course? Watch the video, and give a yay or neigh (we had to) in the comments.

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Photo: @nastythehorse

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