JWOWW Threatens To F**k Up Nikki & Sara For Forgetting An Engagement Gift [Video]


Between an occasionally inconsolable best friend in Snooki (we'll never forget you, Italy) and a sometimes hot-headed boyfriend in Roger, Jenni Farley definitely puts up with a lot, but one thing she will absolutely not tolerate is two talk show hosts forgetting to get her an engagement gift. In fact, when Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer confess that they've come to set empty-handed in the "Nikki & Sara LIVE" interview below, JWOWW outright threatens to "fuck 'em up." Ouch, did Carson have to put up with this sh**?

But before being intimidated with corporal punishment, Sikki address the former "Jersey Shore" star's NOH8 campaign shoot and extreme sports outing/proposal. "The free-for-all was OK," JWOWW says of the skydive that ended with Roger down on one knee. "It's just when the parachute comes out and you're just swaying, and then they, like, loosen you a little bit...I actually thought he was trying to kill me." Hey, it ain't an MTV-worthy engagement unless your betrothed was forced to face her own mortality.

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