Sarah Schaefer Eases Your Social Anxiety And Fear Of Aging [Video]


Hey everyone!

Welcome back to "A Schaef Space," an ongoing web series in which I answer real questions from YOU, our awesome fans, about anything and everything. In this installment, I tackle some hefty topics, like how to deal with not being part of "the cool club" (I still feel like an outsider sometimes) and where the best places are to build a career in comedy. Plus, I reveal an (perhaps too) intimate secret about how I survived my freshman year of college. (Hint: It involves a lot of Dr. Pepper.)

BONUS: special effects that will make Brad Pitt beg to be cast in the action-packed "A Schaef Space: The Movie." (Hey, a girl can dream!)

So watch my latest Q&A below, and email your questions to me at I may not get to them all, but I promise to try! Oh, and if you didn't catch last night's "Nikki & Sara LIVE," check out our interview with JWOWW.