Cory And Topanga's Son Cast For 'Girl Meets World'


Teo Halm a.k.a. Elliot Matthews

The "Girl Meets World" family unit is complete! Yesterday, TVLine reported that the final piece of the Matthews puzzle was solved, noting that a charming young actor, Teo Halm, had been cast as Cory and Topanga's eldest son, Elliot Matthews.

Once the news broke, the Twittersphere set ablaze with congratulatory tweets for Halm, where new fans already noticed his striking resemblance to not one, but two TV family members. "I think he looks like Uncle Eric too but I can also see his Mom in him," fan @lionandthelamb2 tweeted. And according to executive producer Michael Jacobs, Elliot will definitely inherit a lot more than his uncle's good looks.

Though they've only officially been on-screen kin for a day, Rowan Blanchard and Halm have already stepped into their sibling rivalry with plenty of Riley/Elliot online banter. After Blanchard told her TV big bro to check himself in the mirror and get some much needed beauty rest, he ratted her out to Topanga. "@rowblanchard....@daniellefishel MOM SHES BEING MEAN!" We're sure Cory and Eric's fights would have looked very similar had they had social media back then!

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Photo: IMDb