What Would You Have Said To Chelsea About Her Pregnancy Scare?


By Lauren Mann of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

When teen mom Chelsea came clean that she might be pregnant again, it was clear she wasn't ready for another child. Her relationship with Adam definitely wasn't stable enough to take on more co-parenting responsibilities -- they were barely even speaking -- and Chelsea had just started to get her career goals back on track. She turned to her friends to discuss the situation, and when she told Laura about having unprotected sex with Adam, Laura had a lot of justifiable questions. Didn't Chelsea learn anything from her first pregnancy? Did she tell Adam she wasn't on birth control? Why didn't they use a condom?

Luckily, Chelsea wasn't pregnant after all, and everyone was relieved, though her friends still insisted that she get back on a reliable form of birth control as soon as possible. Some pretty good advice.

+ How would you have acted if you were Chelsea's friend and she told you about her pregnancy scare? Leave your thoughts in the comments, and check out Bedsider.org for info on various birth control methods.

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