Jenelle's Lawyer Gives Her Some Sage Post-Probation Advice [Bonus Scene]


As her lawyer (and occasional therapist), Dustin Sullivan has been a recurring player in Jenelle's "Teen Mom 2" story. You could even argue that he's been the one person who's stuck by Jenelle's side through all of her hard times. That deserves some kudos.

In this bonus scene from Monday's episode, Dustin's confident that Jenelle won't create any more problems in the final days of her probation period, and that she'll sail through her court date with flying colors. After probation, however, is another story...

Dustin takes his lawyer hat off for a moment to probe Jenelle about her love life, which happens to be the main source of her current turmoil. When she tells him that she and Gary broke up, he sighs and asks if there's anyone else. "Kieffer," she confesses, after laughing the question off. But this is no laughing matter, Dustin makes clear. "The upper half of this file is a result of Kieffer," he warns, showing concrete evidence of Jenelle's ex's negative influence.

That makes two people who've now voiced their concerns about Kieffer's return, and at this stage of the game, we're fairly certain Jenelle's lawyer and mother know best.

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