Tyler Posey And Daniel Sharman Announce The MTV Movie Awards' Best Female Performance Nominees


The Oscars are over, and that means it's time to give some props to the flicks you actually liked this year. The MTV Movie Awards are coming up on the horizon faster than a teen wolf on the hunt, and during tonight's MTV Movie Awards Nominations Spectacular live stream, Tyler Posey and Daniel Sharman took a break from their late-night lycanthropy to announce the Best Female Performance contenders.

While two of the ladies have been applauded for months -- it would hardly be a 2013 awards show without a nod to Anne Hathaway's "Miserables" singing chops (and weird controversies) or Jennifer Lawrence's "Playbook" quips (and endearing clumsiness) -- the rest are equally worthy of praise (just unlikely to be acknowledged anywhere Michelle Obama is a presenter). Last but certainly not least in the category for Best Female Performance are Mila Kunis in "Ted," Emma Watson in "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" and Movie Awards host Rebel Wilson in "Pitch Perfect."

+ Which chick would you pick to win the golden popcorn this year? Vote for your favorite, and tune in to MTV Sunday, April 14 at 9/8c to see who wins!

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