D-Real, Chad Or Kaylin: Which 'Jenks' Cast Member's Story Hit Home The Most?


The quarter-life crisis is an existential struggle that connects all 20-somethings, but the three people featured on Season 2 of "World Of Jenks" could not be more different. D-Real, Chad and Kaylin each have unique mountains to scale -- cancer, Autism, loss and redemption -- and with filmmaker Andrew Jenks' help, they'll have a platform with which to share their stories. We've all got our own stories to tell, too, and hopefully their experiences will compel you to share yours.

On tonight's premiere, Jenks' old friend, Chad, revealed he had gotten his very first girlfriend -- a milestone for the 21-year-old with Autism. Chad said that though he hadn't kissed Amanda yet, he told her he loved her, and went as far as to warn Jenks against getting too close to his gal.

It was more a case of love lost for D-Real, however, who was coping with losing his brother to gun violence. D-Real said he, himself, was shot multiple times during his days as an Oakland drug dealer, and held out hope that his renewed clean persona could help inspire the area's youth to reach for what's beyond the streets, as his new dance movement had garnered a lot of positive attention.

Finally, Kaylin, an immensely articulate and creative fashion designer from San Francisco, was seemingly living the ideal artist's life when Jenks first became her temporary roommate. We quickly learned, though, that she was still reeling from her second cancer battle, and was likely looking at a third diagnosis. When a routine CAT Scan showed a cluster of tumor-like masses spreading across Kaylin's lungs, her dreams of moving to New York to further her design career suddenly seemed so far away.

Some heavy stuff, here. Tell us if you related to any of the three 'Jenks' tales, and if you're willing, share your stories of fighting through adversity.

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