Cutler/Cavallari Wedding Registry, Take Two: Lemon Reamers And Fish Tweezers, Please!


Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler return from a Mexican getaway in 2012.

Featuring the standard rolling pins and nonstick cake pans, Kristin Cavallari's first wedding registry, which she and fiancé Jay Cutler created during their 2011 engagement, was an absolute snooze. Thankfully, now that the two have broken up, gotten back together and re-entered the marriage game, they're making sure to get some real mileage out of their second gift guide. Boasting everything from a lemon reamer to a pair of fish tweezers ("Catfish" are notoriously hairy...), it's definitely more eye-catching than any collection of coffee cups or matching flatware the couple could have previously hoped for.

The former "Hills" star and her soon-to-be hubby's Williams-Sonoma list recently went public, and it is an absolute carnival ride of domesticity. Hate hand friction? We've got soft-grip tongs! Tired of pastry innards? There's a cupcake corer, too! No kitchen stone will go unturned once these two get hitched. And by the way, even though K-Cav was mum to Us Weekly about when the couple's vows will be exchanged, the registry pins their nuptials on July 13, 2013. Do with that information what you will, but just remember: Kristin isn't above bitch-slapping uninvited guests.

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Photo: SWAP/Splash News