'Teen Mom 2' Poll: Can Jenelle Stay On The Right Path Now That She's Off Probation?


It had been a long time coming, and there were certainly bumps along the road (cough, Ke$ha concert, cough), but on tonight's "Teen Mom 2," Jenelle finally reached the end of her probation period. Her sigh of relief was one for the record books, and immediately her wheels started turning about what to do next. But now that the threat of jail no longer looms above her head, can Jenelle keep it together and stay on the straight and narrow?

When Jenelle sat down with her mother to discuss her new freedom, Barbara understandably expressed concern that her daughter would slip back into old patterns, especially since Jenelle flat out said she'd most likely smoke pot again now that she can. Though she insisted she'd only smoke recreationally (and not on a daily basis like before), Jenelle is an addict, and addiction is not something to mess with. On top of that, Barbara was worried about Jenelle rekindling her romance with Kieffer, a huge source of her problems in the past. Though he got his GED while in prison and showed some signs of growing up, Barb still feared his return would hinder Jenelle's personal progress. And Barb's gut instincts tend to be spot on.

+ So what do you think? Can Jenelle keep her life together now that she's free to smoke weed and date Kieffer? Take the poll, and share your opinions in the comments.

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