Leah Calvert's Daughter Aleeah Relaxes With A Pedicure At The Kiddie Salon [Photo]


Aleeah gets a pedicure after a long day in the sandbox.

The "Teen Mom 2" tots aren't so little anymore, and it's really starting to show. Recently Leah shared this gem of a photo of her daughter, Aleeah, getting a pedicure while she chills out on the most bananas salon chair we've ever seen. Just us, or is the little diva-in-training workin' the room like she's an old primping pro?

"She's 3 going on 13, I swear! I love them to pieces!! #MyDramaQueen," Leah tweeted along with the pic, pointing out how perfectly Aleeah's grown-up 'tude is captured in the shot. The photo was also posted on Leah and Jeremy's Facebook page, where many commenters couldn't help but notice the undeniable resemblance between mommy and her mini-me. "Omg. Leah she looks so much like you.... What a living doll," one Facebooker said of her rosy cheeks and perfect little up-do. Between Aubree's vegetarian tendencies, Bentley's pre-pro BMX talent and now Aleeah's royal aspirations, the kids' unique personalities are really coming out of the woodwork!

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Photo: @TM2LeahDawn