Frankie Calls For War Against Diana [Sneak Peek]


Girl fight! Just when we thought the waters were starting to calm in "Washington Heights," good ol' Diana is causing a tidal wave in this sneak peek of the next episode. Ludwin's ex, whom his friends were never all that fond of, apparently took to Twitter to defame Frankie after finding out that Frankie and Ludwin hooked up, and whoa, it is on, people.

"She is maaaaaad!" Frankie tells Rico and Taylor. "It ain't none of her business," Taylor insists, but Diana obviously believes otherwise -- she's made it very much her business on "the Twitler," as Taylor calls it. Diana's social media shade included calling Frankie a bunch of nasty words (one rhymes with boar), but Rico -- the resident male perspective -- doesn't get why Diana's even upset, since her relationship with Ludwin has been over for some time. When the conversation turns to whether or not she'll have the cojones to show up to Ludwin's art show, Frankie says she hopes so, because she is ready to throw down. "She f**ked with the wrooooong bitch." Maybe she should consult with Reyna for some hair-pulling tips...

Check out the scene, and don't forget to watch "Washington Heights," Wednesday at 11/10c.

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