For Steve-O, Imitation Is The Most 'Ridiculous' Form Of Flattery [Video]


There's a reason your parents always advised you against being a copycat -- it turns out, it can leave you castrated (and that's not fun for anyone!). On last night's "Ridiculousness," veteran jackass Steve-O joined the red-couched bunch to point and laugh at the latest most cringe-generating clips, and to kick things off, Rob Dyrdek strung together a few stunts to honor Steve-O's previous wild days.

"You are legendary, to say the least," Rob tells Steve-O before introducing the "Wackass" collection, a potent mix of moronic yet ballsy behavior. If nothing else, the stunts prove no one should try to match the greats, as attempts to jump off ladders, clear oncoming traffic or get a dart shot into one's ass all result in the same thing: agony. "You gotta commit!" is Steve-O's lasting advice. Yeah, that...and uh...maybe wear a cup?

Check out all the wackassery below, and please, do NOT contribute to the madness.

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