Boinking At God's House Or Misinformed Baby Mama: Which 'Fail' Was Your Favorite?


"If you've ever gotten a horrible spray tan, got caught at a Renaissance Fair or fell in love with your phone, we're onto you," Hasan Minhaj insisted at the top of this week's "Failosophy."

Let's hope so! And it starts all over again...

On tonight's episode, thanks to some help from the hilarious Nikki Glaser, the "Failosophy" team scoured the Interwebz to serve up a multi-course meal of piping-hot blunders, and the experience left us totally stuffed. First, one particularly randy young co-ed admitted to getting busy in her church's parking lot, and just when the crowd's gentiles were dusting off their mortification, she added that her mother was the holy house's pastor. For shame, young heathen! Still, we'd learn there were worse things, as a second contender for best/worst top spot politely asked the virtual ether: "If I Am Pregnant Will The Baby Be Part My Man's Wife Too?" We hope her application to med school was equally as curious.

Finally, a woman wearing skeleton stockings bravely stepped forward to admit that she once accidentally set her outgoing voicemail to the tune of a hook-up session with her dude. Hey, at least it drives home the fact that she's not available to take your call.

Tell us which total #FAIL was your favorite this week!

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