Andrew Jenks Struggles To Impress Chelsea Clinton Fans With His New Book [Video]


A massive luggage tower catches Jenks' eye during the filming of Season 2.

Andrew Jenks is making strides as a documentarian around the country, but sadly, he's struggling to get the attention of those who stand only an arm's length away. His new book, "Andrew Jenks: My Adventures As a Young Filmmaker," was just released to major booksellers today, and in the video below, he tries -- to no avail -- to get New York City bibliophiles on board by anonymously pitching his own signing at Barnes and Noble. Few look intrigued, and only one seems to recognize that he bears a striking resemblance to the author (himself), whose face is plastered to the store's window.

"Is there anyone in particular you're kind of interested in?" the "World of Jenks" front man asks the B&N window-shoppers, who are scanning upcoming events. "Chelsea Clinton looks pretty interesting," one responds. But Jenks isn't discouraged by the oversight, and insists to other customers that his book is worth its salt. Ultimately, though, the former First Daughter wins the popularity contest. (Man, spend a few years in the White House and suddenly you're the toast of the town.)

+ Check out the video, and be sure to tune in to the "World Of Jenks" Season 2 premiere on March 4 at 11/10c.

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