Is It Time For Jimmy To Leave 'Washington Heights' Behind?


Change is an inevitable part of life, and soon, "Washington Heights" will be home to one less hustler trying to make his dreams come true. On tonight's episode, Jimmy, who's had his sights set on the big leagues since he was a kid, finally decided to pack up and ship off to Florida. There, he told Rico, he'd have a better shot at cementing himself as a real baseball prospect, but we have to wonder -- is he jetting off a little too soon?

His breakup with Eliza has taken a noticeable toll on Jimmy, but now that he finally feels comfortable on his own, he's ready to focus on his passions. "When I play baseball, and I'm on that field, everything goes blank," he told Rico. "I don't remember what I'm f***ing going through." And with his father in jail, and a heartbroken ex, he's still going through a lot. Hopefully, the warmer weather will be cathartic, but unfinished business definitely has a way of haunting people who try to escape it.

+ What do you think -- is Jimmy making the right choice by heading down south, or should he make sure he's got his s**t together before taking off?

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