'Hunger Games' Star Will Play A Young, Uncorrupted Derek Hale On 'Teen Wolf'


Ian Nelson, who's been cast to play a young Derek Hale on "Teen Wolf."

Every child is born an innocent creature, but it's safe to say that Derek Hale of "Teen Wolf" was sapped of his childhood bliss long ago. The hardened werewolf is now Beacon Hills' resident revenge seeker, but we'll soon learn that he once had a softer side, as Season 3 will feature flashback sequences encompassing Derek's youth. According to E!'s TV Scoop, a "Hunger Games" star is slated to play young Derek, so at least he knows how to put up a good fight.

Yup, Ian Nelson, known for his role as a the District 3 Tribute who booby-trapped the Careers' stash in the Jennifer Lawrence-fronted franchise, will take on the role of a 15-year-old sports-obsessed Derek. The Alpha was apparently once a level-headed, friendly guy, until tragedy struck his family (some of whom are also werewolves), which ultimately led him to transform into the lonely recluse we've come to know and (sometimes) love today. We're definitely interested to see where this could go, but if teenage Derek cracks a smile, we might get a little freaked out.

+ What do you think of Derek's placid past? Share your thoughts, and keep holding on tight for the show's Season 3 premiere on June 3!

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Photo: Collin Stark