Farrah Abraham Celebrates Sophia's 4th Birthday With Professional Photo Shoot [Photos]


Sophia tries her mommy's shoes (and bra?) on for size.

Look who's all grown up! It's been some time since the original teen moms ended their run on the series, so when we saw these birthday pics of Farrah Abraham's daughter, Sophia, we could barely believe how big she's gotten! Has it really been four years already?!

Farrah shared the photos on Twitter, captioning the one above with, "My Minnie Me #KnowsHow2Party @Circus #HAPPYBIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! :)." Soph must have raided her mommy's closet for the shoot, not only stealing her heels, but a purple lace bra. Hmm, give it about 15 more years, little lady.

Other images posted include the Cinderella-esque shot below, in which Sophia clutches an entire jewelry box worth of pearls, as well as an adorable mother-daughter portrait. That one definitely deserves a frame!


So many galas to attend, so little time.

Check out the Happy Birthday tutu!

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Photos: Facebook