Aubree Contemplates The Merits of Vegetarianism On 'Teen Mom 2' [Bonus Scene]


Once a child reaches a certain age and begins to understand that some food once had feet, an ethical crisis often follows. Wait: That chicken at the farm...the one I named now on someone's plate? Chelsea's daughter, Aubree, has reached this point in the "Teen Mom 2" bonus scene below, deciding to boycott chicken nuggets in favor of veggies.

"You like broccoli, huh?" Chelsea asks, as Aubree happily om noms her way through the green stuff that most children loathe. While Chelsea's no doubt happy her kid's got the makings of a healthy eater, she still wants her daughter to understand the necessity of a well-balanced meal, and tells her to chow down all of the food on her plate. "No! I eat the broccoli," Aubree replies.

So is our little chicken-phobe on the way to becoming a vegetarian? Guess we'll just have to wait and see how she feels about cows.

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