Smooth Landings? Nope. Not With These 'Ridiculousness' Roof Jumpers [Sneak Peek]


We've all mastered certain skills, and while mine include making good coffee, Steve-O's are a little more impressive -- like being able to jump off of roofs into kiddie pools without killing himself. "That was my first specialty!" he tells Rob Dyrdek in the sneak peek of Thursday's all-new "Ridiculousness." Unfortunately, this week's ball-busting clip reel participants don't have Steve-O's nimble balance, and only make their landings in a crumpled heap. Someone call a medic! And...maybe a mortician?

In the "Get Off My Roof" video below, folks who are sure they can bridge the gap between roof and pool, roof and trampoline and roof and...other roof...find the task is much more difficult than it looks. One gentleman in particular struggles to rollerblade around a church steeple. Shocker. "No one's a roof expert like Steve-O," Rob concludes after one last skateboarder rolls (crotch first) right into the middle of a gable's peak. No argument there...

+ Check out the sneak peek, and tune in to a brand new episode of "Ridiculousness," Thursday night at 10/9c!

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