JWOWW Says She Nearly Soiled Herself At The Sight Of The Pink Limo [Video]


Roger's not just a rough-and-tumble gym rat -- he proved on tonight's "Snooki & JWOWW" that he's also a master of psychology. Before popping the question to his girlfriend, who's been eagerly awaiting a marriage proposal, he decided to have a little fun first by setting Jenni up with a non-event. But in the "Tea Time" after show clip below, she says she didn't have too much of a sense of humor about the whole HUGE FU**ING PINK LIMO charade. Can't imagine why...

"When the pink limo pulled up, no joke, I thought I sh** my pants," JWOWW shares bluntly in the clip. As Rog isn't generally a man of convention, the guidette says she started getting butterflies as soon as she noticed the fancy night of wining and dining taking shape. "I honestly thought he would go more towards a romantic side, because I would be thinking of such an extreme way of him proposing that he would, like, go the opposite." Ah, good ol' reverse psychology! Unfortunately, Rog was two steps ahead, and when Jenni realized he was yanking her chain, he pretty much solidified that she'd be wearing a chastity belt instead of lingerie on their wedding night. Every action has a equal and opposite reaction, pal.

+ Check out the clip, and tell us if you think Roger's being a jerk by leading Jenni on!

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