Angelina Pivarnick Tries To Launch Reality Comeback On Kickstarter [Video]


Most of the "Jersey Shore gang has moved on from Seaside to further their careers in exotic places like Las Vegas and...New Jersey...but one former cast member can only see the light at the end of the tunnel (or boardwalk) in the promise of a comeback. For much-maligned ex-roomie and frequent s**t-starter Angelina Pivarnick, the series may have shut more doors than it opened, but like the old saying goes, "When the door to one summer share closes, launch a Kickstarter campaign to get your own reality show."

Ang's new master plan is aptly-titled "The Comeback," and she's hoping to fund the reality series through the generous donations of online backers. The pilot, according to the video below, would make audiences privy to the crazy ups-and-downs of the TV bad-girl's current day-to-day life, like shopping for bulk soda with sunglasses on and trying to clean out her car's backseat. "I want to film my own reality show and I want to show everybody out there who the real me is," she says. From what we can tell from the clip, the Real Ang may just want to brush up on her iMovie skills before heading into production.

+ Check out Angelina's pitch for "The Comeback," and let us know what you think of her attempt at another 15 minutes of fame!

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Photo: Getty Images