Snooki's Candy-Coated Escalade Sells For Almost $80,000 On eBay [Photo]


Snooki signs away her sweet ride.

There comes a time in every person's life when that cool set of wheels -- be it a flashy sports car or the Jeep Wrangler you managed to fit 7 people into on the drive home from school -- must be traded in for something more sensible. It's called parenthood, friends, and Snooki has officially crossed over now that she's sold her signature matte black and pink Cadillac Escalade.

USA Today reports that Snooks' cherished automobile was up for auction on eBay, and that a lucky fan who happened to have a cool $77,510 laying around is now the proud owner of the massive, dinged-to-death piece of history. According to the listing, the custom truck features "ambient lighting," pink rims and, as seen above, Snooki's signature across the hood! No word on what ride Nicole will purchase as a replacement, but can we suggest something that's a little easier to park (see video below for reference)? Maybe a Volvo hatchback...with leopard print seats, of course.

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Photo: eBay