Pauly D Tweets Pics From The Set Of His 'Back To Love' Video Shoot


Pauly D and Jay Sean at their "Back To Love" music video shoot.

"Back To Love" is the perfect party anthem, but what good is a catchy tune these days if you can't watch the music swell while you pump your fists? Pauly D and Jay Sean just wrapped up filming the video for their new track (which shot to #4 on iTunes' dance chart, for the record), and if the vid is as hot as the clubs PD plays, you better place a fan in front of your laptop when it premieres. Does AppleCare have an epic music video clause?

In the pic Pauly tweeted above, he and Jay Sean look like a couple of smooth operators, but below, Pauly's got his nose to the grindstone, spinning a track with some refreshing Remix Cocktails as backdrop. How 'bout sending a few bottles of Strawberry Holla-peños this way, friend? We're feeling a little parched...

+ Check out the pics, and keep your eyes peeled for the "Back To Love" music video!


DJ Pauly D, doing his thing.

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Photos courtesy of @50Cent and @DJPaulyD.