The Stage...And Security...Are Set For The 'Catfish' Reunion [Video]


So, with our rods outstretched, we've reeled in about a dozen "Catfish" since the series kicked off, and during tonight's reunion special, we'll find out where some of the couples now stand. As only a handful of those short-lived unions parted ways amicably, we'll venture a guess that things could get ugly. Still, love sleuths Max Joseph and Nev Schulman say they're prepared for the madness to come in the behind-the-scenes clip below. Like, seriously ready.

"Let's just say there will be security present," Nev says while touring the studio that's been prepped for the televised get-together. Nev is most excited to see where Matt, who struggled with his weight while on the show, is today. Max, on the other hand, is pumped to hear what guitar-strumming Jarrod has been up to lately, and how everyone on stage will react to having a crowd of strangers present. "It's interesting to see what a live studio audience will bring to the table," he says. If it's Jerry Springer-like chants, count us in.

+ Check out the preview, and tune in to the "Catfish" reunion special tonight at 11/10c!

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Photo: Jason DeCrow