'Teen Mom 2' Poll: Should Leah And Jeremy Take A Break?


Considering how much they had already been through together -- an engagement, pregnancy, miscarriage -- it's pretty hard to believe that Leah and Jeremy had only been a couple for six months at the time tonight's episode of "Teen Mom 2" was filmed. Their relationship had its flaws from the start, as Leah still had feelings for her twins' father, Corey, and after the reality of her miscarriage sunk in, she and Jeremy expressed to each other how overwhelmed they were both feeling. Leah said she didn't want to call off the wedding, but felt that slowing things down would be appropriate (i.e. no more babies anytime soon); however, Corey threw another wrench into the situation when he told Leah that everything he'd done, from breaking up with Summer to buying a house, he'd done with her and the girls in mind. When Leah confessed her resulting confusion to Jeremy, he lost his typically docile demeanor and asked her to make up her mind, once and for all -- she needed to finally choose between him and Corey, because leading either of them on simply wasn't right. Fair enough request, but easier said than done.

+ What do you think? Should Leah remain with Jeremy while she sorts out her feelings, or should she make a clean break for his sake? Take the poll!

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