Deena Cortese Returns To Her Meatball Roots, Plays Dress-Up [Photo]


Meatball fashion is not for the faint of heart.

The photo says it all: Once the corks are popped, all bets are off. Deena Cortese of  "Jersey Shore," who recently told us she couldn't remember her last Meatball Day, relapsed in the best way this weekend when she told her Twitter followers she was back on the party express. Destination: Grey Gardens. But hey, the plaid pants and fur coat certainly look comfortable, and we're willing to bet none of the Oscars' best dressed can say the same.

"Sick outfit," Deena assessed of her getup. "Lol haven't had these #meatball problems in a while." And though her ensemble is mismatched, the guidette seems to be getting her stuff together, as she also committed to hair and makeup school this morning. You know what they say: Work hard, play hard! And if Deena earns a spot on "Dancing With The Stars" (the cast will be announced Tuesday), she can definitely say her final week of February was a productive one. Party on, D!

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Photo courtesy of @DeenaNicoleMTV